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  • Baileys 3.1.1 Plus

    Lawn-Fertiliser $40.00
    Bailey's Fertilisers is a WA-based company that has been producing high-quality lawnfertilisers for many years, and the newly released Baileys 3.1.1, a great new fertiliser. Plus is micro-granulated, which means the granules fall into and under the grass leaves, reaching the soil and dissolving more quickly with less water. This lawn food also includes Grosorb, which is a terrific idea. Water repellency is a common cause of dry patches, and Grosorb is a great wetting agent. Grosorb has been combined into the fertiliser which is applied at the same time as the fertiliser. Lawns and plants, like people, require regular feeding. Following a 6-8 week feeding schedule, water in the lawn food, and enjoy a beautiful, healthy green lawn.
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  • Eco-Prime Emerald NPK Fertiliser

    Eco-Prime-Emerald-Lawn-Fertiliser $63.00
    Rock Mineral Lawn Fertiliser with soil microbes for lawns that are thick,green & water efficient. Eco Prime Emerald Mini Prill · Eco Growth Emerald not only has nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. · Has a 6.5 pH as well as an extreme pH neutralizing ability.
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  • Eco-Prime Purple

    cheap-fertiliser-for-lawn $60.00
    All-round fertiliser from fruiting tree to vegetable. Good for the fruiting tree, Vegetable,and Turfmbining a complex blend of nutrients from Potassium Sulphate through to granulated Soft Rock Phosphate.
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  • Eco-Prime Red

    high-quality-fertiliser-in-perth $63.00 All round fertiliser from fruiting tree to vegetable
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  • Eco-Wet Liquid Wetting agent

    Eco-Wet-Liquid-Wetting-Agent $24.00 litre
    Eco-wet is a fast-acting product that improves soil structure andincreases beneficial microbial activity to keep waxy sands, heavy clays, and other generally water-repellent soils wet for longer. It is different from other wetter since it contains natural polymers that strengthen the soil structure without harming it. The natural polymer that has been introduced functions as a sponge, generating a long-term solution.
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  • organic 2000 Multigrow

    cheap-multi-grow-organic-fertiliser $5.00$25.00 Multigrow is pelleted sawdust. bedded poultry manure and naturally composted.
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  • Watheroo Bentonite Clay

    Calcium-Bentonite-clay $21.00
    Bentonite clay is used to lower earth resistance by providingland enhancement, which essentially reduces resistance between the soil and earth electrodes (such as copper earth rods or earth mats) by keeping moisture in the soil. Bentonite clay is a natural mineral that acts as a soil conditioner, improving soil structure and allowing more water and fertiliser to be used. Not only does it aid in the retention of water, but it also allows for the passage of air between the sand particles. Aquatic plants, animals, and bacteria are unaffected by bentonite clay.
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