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  • Baileys 3.1.1 Plus

    Lawn-Fertiliser $40.00
    Bailey's Fertilisers is a WA-based company that has been producing high-quality lawnfertilisers for many years, and the newly released Baileys 3.1.1, a great new fertiliser. Plus is micro-granulated, which means the granules fall into and under the grass leaves, reaching the soil and dissolving more quickly with less water. This lawn food also includes Grosorb, which is a terrific idea. Water repellency is a common cause of dry patches, and Grosorb is a great wetting agent. Grosorb has been combined into the fertiliser which is applied at the same time as the fertiliser. Lawns and plants, like people, require regular feeding. Following a 6-8 week feeding schedule, water in the lawn food, and enjoy a beautiful, healthy green lawn.
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