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Motorised Wheelbarrow is an exceptional machine and it can move building materials or aggregate. This 4-wheel drive power unit is narrow enough to fit through the average doorway for internal work, as well as slip down side alleys or climb over steps and footings. This dumper carries 3 x conventional wheelbarrow loads. So it tips safely and easily. This dumper is very helpful for moving fertilizer. As well as gravel, and other heavy materials. These machines are handy for people. So that they can find themselves doing plenty of gardening work, and it is a must-have tool for landscapers. This tiny monster of a wheelbarrow can tackle any task in the garden, and it can handle minor landscaping duties as well.

Motorised Wheelbarrow Features:

This dumper features a spacious 4.4-cubic foot hopper and it is made from durable plastic with a load capacity rated for 660-lbs on level surfaces. This motorised wheelbarrow is like your mini workhorse for your yard, and it suits people with larger gardens, so landscapers may also find the machine suitable for contract work.

The short wheelbase of this dumper allows for handy movement and near zero-turn functionality. This dumper providing you with enough support to get your payload to any point in your garden. Gravel, mud, over roots, and rocks – Motorised Wheelbarrow is a fantastic professional-grade machine. The ergonomic grips on the wheelbarrow handles reduce operator fatigue and ensure people can reach their destination with their payload. The motorised wheelbarrow also features a one-handed dump release on the handle. Push a button, and the machine does the work with dumping your payload wherever you need it. This feature is especially helpful when carrying heaty loads.

To Be Noted: Fuel is not supplied with this item.

-All-terrain, and full-time all-wheel drive.
-Turn on a dime with a zero-turn radius.
-Multi-speed heavy-duty transmissions (3 forward speeds plus reverse), and 660 lb. capacity (level ground).
-One-handed release to easily dump where you need it. So you can control it very easily.

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