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  • Rotary Roe

    $50.00$90.00 This product is available on rent.
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  • Santa Ana

    santa anna couch grass $13.00
    The Santa Ana Couch Grass is an American grass that gives animpressive visual appearance especially when mown short. Santa Anna is a mild seasonal grass with bright green, fine leaves.
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  • Sir Walter Buffalo

    Sir Walter Buffalo Grass, Sir Walter Buffalo $14.50 per sq. meter
    Sir Walter buffalo grass is a premium choice. In the lawn, asit was cultivated and adapted as a tough buffalo turf specifically for the harsh Australian environment by an Australian turf farmer.  Sir Walter Buffalo’s blades are smooth, long, and dark green. This is an all-seasons beautiful lawn. This is active in winter and thus retains its fresh green color longer than other types of buffalo.
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  • Turf cutter

    Turf Cutter hire $60.00$110.00
    Our Turf Cutter is a highly effective self-propelled machine that will cut a30cm (12") wide strip of turf cleanly, quickly, and effortlessly. This product is available for rent.
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  • Villagegreen Kikuyu

    Kikuyu Grass $10.90 per sq. meter
    Village Green is a tough premium kikuyu that looks great throughout theyear, and can tolerate cold, heat and neglect. It has very good winter colour, easy to touch but strong enough for children and pets.
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  • Watheroo Bentonite Clay

    Bentonite clay $21.00
    Bentonite clay is used to lower earth resistance by providingland enhancement, which essentially reduces resistance between the soil and earth electrodes (such as copper earth rods or earth mats) by keeping moisture in the soil. Bentonite clay is a natural mineral that acts as a soil conditioner, improving soil structure and allowing more water and fertilizer to be used. Not only does it aid in the retention of water, but it also allows for the passage of air between the sand particles. Aquatic plants, animals, and bacteria are unaffected by bentonite clay.
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  • Wintergreen Couch

    Wintergreen Couch Grass $8.00 per sq. meter
    Winter green couch is a fine, soft-leafed, medium-green colored couch that toleratesdirect sunlight. Couch is one of WA’s most drought-tolerant variety, and is fast growing. Every three months it needs a small amount of fertilizer, and is easy to care for.
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