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We are one of the leading turf wholesalers in Western Australia. We supply a wide variety of turf at wholesale price. In order to make your lawn look extraordinary and eye-catching, we provide you with all sorts of turf, fertiliser, soils and also assist you with your lawn makeover and do all the dirty and hard work for you. We also have equipment for commercial and residential customers available for sale and rent .We provide the services all around Perth and Mandurah Region.

We supply fresh harvest, soft, beautiful and healthy turf to provide that instant roll-on-lawn look our customers want. Fresh turf, however, requires watering and treatment, for which we have instructions. We guarantee our products 100% perfect with 100% weed free. You just have to follow the simple instruction that you provide.

By offering the highest quality grass turf for sale in Perth, we strive to give our consumers the best possible experience. Therefore, the day before distribution, all of our turf is harvested fresh to order. Charges and facilities for the supply of turf vary according to various types of turf and delivery sites. Charges are confirmed at checkout before payment.

Experience 90%
Organic Solutions 80%
Expertise Utilization 95%

With a large range of premium turf, we can cover all your needs:

  • Wintergreen Couch
  • Kikuyu
  • Villagegreen Kikuyu
  • Empire Zoysia
  • Santa Anna
  • Cape Soft leaf Buffalo

We offer:

  • Turf supplied as instant lawn rolls-on
  • Planting gear and fertilisers
  • Free quotes for any installation required
  • Forklift unloading
  • Qualified landscaper referrals

For residents, landlords, investors and commercial enterprises in Perth, we have a variety of specialist turf services. The following are included in these services: 

  • Supplying of Turf 
  • Delivery of Turf 
  • Laying turf 
  • Site preparation


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Services Offered

We always ready to provide different services

Each field task needs different gears and different expertise solutions. The turf man not only handles services but also care for work health, safety and customer service.

Soil preparation

Removal of old lawn, weeds at required pace.

Leveling, measuring

Handling curvature, surfaces, debris

Soil Improvement

Organic solutions, Assistance to root developments.


Quick spreading roll. Managing curves, corners

Watering, Fertiliser

Depends upon turf slow release fertiliser or fast release fertiliser selection.

Do you have grass farm which you would like to sell or manage?

About Us