Lawns are perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Not only you, but your pets are also found appreciating it and spending most of their time there. However, lawns can also be dangerous for your pets because of the fertilisers and lawn care products used. 

Making a lawn pet friendly is not as difficult as you think. All you need is proper planning and effort. Below are top 3 tips for a pet friendly lawn:

Types of Lawn

Lawn and pets usually don’t go well together especially if a pet is a dog. A dog can do much harm to your lawn because of all that playtime it needs. So, it is very important to choose a lawn that can stand all the damages that come with having a dog. Grasses such as Kikuya, Couch and Zoysia are some of the best lawns for dogs.

Choosing Pet Friendly Lawn Care Products 

As a pet owner, all you want is your pet to be happy, healthy and your lawn to be thick and green at the same time. To have a healthy and lush lawn, your lawn needs some care products such as fertilisers from time to time and you can’t avoid it. Hence, it is best you choose the lawn care products which are pet safety or just go for organic products. At The Turfman, we offer products free from heavy metals and other toxic ingredients.

Keeping your Lawn Organised 

An organised lawn will  help to keep your lawn in proper condition. In addition, it will also save your pets from any potential injury. Always put your gardening tools and sharp equipment away to prevent any potential injury.

At The Turfman, we care about you and your lawn. We want you to be able to enjoy your healthy lush lawn along with your pet. Lawn care is not that difficult as thought and also, we have always got your back. For more tips on pet-friendly lawns, contact us on 0410752082 and one of our experts will assist you.

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