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Summer is already here, so is the extreme heat!

We all are taking care of ourselves, finding ways to cool down in this increasing hot weather. We go swimming, and enjoy the outdoors.  Like us, our lawn also needs a summer care as the increased temperature also has an adverse effect on the grass outside. 

Summer lawn care is totally different from the lawn care on cooler days. As the increased temperature makes a huge difference, it is important that you treat the grass more gently than the other days and try avoiding excessive activities.

To help you and your stressed grass, here are some of the best tips to give your lawn during this extreme hot weather. 

Watering your lawn

During the hot summer days, deep watering your lawn in the morning is very effective. It will help the soil and roots to soak up, letting the water reach deep in the soil. Watering the lawn 1-2 times a week is enough, don’t overdo as too much watering grass won’t help. One pro tip, use the wetting agents to achieve the most effective results especially during summer when the heat is too extreme.

Summer Mowing 

Raising the blades of your lawn mower really helps your lawn to stay green during the hot weather. By doing this, it allows the grass to develop strong roots and have a greater tolerance to drought stress and heat.

Right Grass Types

Yes, you heard it right! While choosing the turfs, you have to make sure that you choose the right lawn-type as it determines how your lawn will perform over summer or any extreme season. Lawns such as Sir Walter Buffalo and Villagegreen Kikuyu, are the perfect turfs that will handle the excessive summer heat in Australia.

Summer Damage Treatment

Summer damages to your lawn could be too harsh and too stressful. To help your lawn stay healthy, ensure it is well fed and the condition of the soil is at its best. You can also use lawn treatments to boost its metabolism. 

Taking care of the lawn especially during the extreme heat is very important. Although, it might look easy but could be a daunting task. The above mentioned tips should help to keep your lawn stress free and stay cool during the hot weather. 

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Cheers to the Stress-Free Lawn!!!

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