Wintergreen Couch Grass


Wintergreen couch grass is the most popular of the couch varieties. It is a fine, soft-to-touch hybrid couch. Wintergreen Grass is deep to medium green in color. Even in the cooler months of
Winter, Wintergreen Couch Grass retains its green coloring, hence the name “Wintergreen”. It has a deep root system and a hard-wearing surface. Due to its root system, it is good for soil stabilization and urban in full areas.

However, it is also well wearing for children and animals. It has been found to be tolerable to most diseases. Wintergreen grass responds very well to fertilizer and irrigation. Besides, it had a good density as long as it is well maintained. Importantly, this grass loves the sun. It can tolerate full sunshine and required less water and fertilization. It is self-repairing and it recovers rapidly.

Appearance (leaf)

Fine leaf


High mowing frequency


It recover fast


High ware tolorance


Light Green

Drought resistance

Most drought tolorance

Shade tolerance

Full sun


Medium maintenance and 4 times Fertilizer a year

Estimated Rate

$6 / Sq. meter

Characters of Wintergreen Couch Grass 

  • Wintergreen Couch Grass is non-irritating.  
  • It is good pest & disease resistance.  
  • This grass is smooth and carpet-like. 
  • This grass has good salt tolerance. 
  • It has a very fine soft leaf. 
  • It is drought-resistant grass. 
  • Wintergreen couch grass requires minimal water. 
  • It has a rapid & self-repairing system. 
  • Great for slope and retaining walls. 
  • Propagated from stolons.  
  • Low to medium maintenance. 


  • Wintergreen couch grass is suitable for residential and commercial lawns. 
  • This grass is also suitable for high traffic areas, sports grounds (e.g. golf courses, tennis courts, football grounds, bowling greens), parks, gardens, sports ovals, and roadside.
  • Used for domestic, rental properties.


Ideally, Wintergreen Couch Grass should mow every 10-14 days. It will vary according to the
season. In Summer, it will require 7-10 days. But in Autumn and Winter, it will only need to be done
every 2-5 weeks, or as necessary. Approximately, the mowing height raises to 15-20 mm. Mowing height is an important factor in promoting healthy lawn growth. The mower blades should be kept sharp. It is best to avoid cutting the grass when the lawn is wet.

However, it is important that more than 40% of the leaf is removed in a single mow.
Watering helps to maintain the green color. But, the frequency of water depends on the season and the amount of rainfall. During Summer, you should water the grass 2-3 times a week. In Autumn & Spring, the water frequency can reduce to once or twice a week. And in Winter, only need to water once. However, it is best to water early in the morning.

Fertilization of the Wintergreen Couch Grass is very necessary. It keeps the lawn in good health. You should fertilize the lawn six weeks after installation. Then continue to fertilize twice in Summer and once in Spring & Late Autumn. 2-4 kg fertilizer per 100 meters square is sufficient. It makes the lawn looking wonderful.
Weed Control is also very important for maintaining the quality of the lawn. A broadleaf herbicide can apply to control weeds. Such as White clover, Bindii, Capeweed, Oxalis, Plantain, and Onion weed. It is best to spray before weeds flower -between April and August. This will give a healthy lawn in winter.





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