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All the lawn owners want their lawn to be beautiful and healthy. A healthy lawn not only makes your home appealing but also adds value to your property. Proper lawn care which includes regular mowing, watering and maintenance does the job, but if you want to keep your lawn greener and attractive for a longer time then, you must feed them.

Feeding your lawn regularly helps them get all the essential nutrients that they need to stay healthy and resilient. No matter which type of lawn you have, it needs to be fertilised at some stage as the soils leach all the nutrients while producing new roots and leaves.

Below are some of the benefits of fertilising you should be aware of:

Weed Free

Weeds are very vigorous, always seeking a chance to grow. If they see a weak and patchy lawn, they take over and they spread. As they spread, they dampen the lawn, resulting in more dead patches. So, enriching your lawn with fertilisers helps in reducing the weeds, ultimately making it weed free. Also, the well fed, regularly maintained lawn is resistant to damage caused by pests.

Protect Soil, Healthier Grass and Stronger Roots

Grasses tend to absorb nutrients from the soil when they grow, also the extreme weather such as heavy rainfall and storms lead to the depletion of the soil. The type of the soil also determines how frequently fertilising needs to be done. For instance, sandy soil drains nutrients faster than the clay and heavy soils. Hence, regular fertilisation helps to prevent soil runoff replenishing nutrients, ensuring healthier grass and stronger roots.

Encouraging Overall Growth

The most frustrating thing a lawn owner can ever experience is having some areas of the lawn lush and healthier whereas the other areas thin and sparse. This often happens due to the lack of nutrients as the soil might not have distributed the nutrients evenly throughout the area. Fertilising using the best lawn fertilisers helps to produce uniform growth ensuring the entire lawn is lush and healthier.

Saves Your Money

Fertilising your lawn is one of the worthwhile investments you will ever make. It will not only ensure the good health and appearance of your lawn, but also help you in saving money. Taking proper care of your lawn and feeding them regularly will prevent any damage or need for restoration in future, which might have cost you bucks.

Add Value to You & Your Property

Imagine enjoying quality time with your family and feeling the rich and thick grass beneath your feet, isn’t it amazing? Proper fertilising provides the nutrients necessary to your lawn to grow greener and healthier. In addition, experts say having a quality lawn can add value to your property by improving the “Kerp Appeal”.

Achieving a healthy lawn is not a complicated affair, all you need to do is choose the right fertiliser and feed your lawn regularly followed with a proper lawn care schedule. Some of the recommended high quality fertilisers are Baileys, Eco-Friend Emerald, Eco-Prime Purple and Eco-Prime Red. These fertilisers ensure that nutrients reach the rootzone of your lawn in uniform distribution allowing them to withstand any stresses caused by external factors.

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