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All round fertiliser from fruiting tree to vegetable

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Eco-prime red

Eco-Prime Red is a great lawn starter fertiliser. It is also a unique mineral NPK fertiliser. It combines with a complex blend of nutrients from Potassium Sulphate through to granulated Soft Rock Phosphate. This enhances beneficial biology. It includes Mycorrhizal fungi and phosphorus solubilizer ( including Bacillus megaterium). Through the use of natural ingredients, root stimulation is achieved. The natural ingredients include mineral-based NPK, Humates, and Phytohormone-producing biology.

Though Eco-Prime Red is a lawn starter fertiliser. It has the higher phosphorus needed to develop strong healthy roots. The new lawn has a baby root structure. This root aided with the right nutrients to develop into a strong turf sward. This strong sward will help the lawn to survive and thrive in WA’s water restricted.

How to use

Eco-Prime Red use under the new turf. It rakes lightly into the soil. Then watered them well, before laying the turf on top.

For establishing new turf. the application rate is 10 kg per sqm.

  • Vegetable 50-150grams Per Sqm.
  • Fruit Trees 50grams Per Sqm.
  • Wine Grapes 35grams Per Sqm.
  • New Laid Lawn 50grams Per Sqm every 6-8weeks.
  • Repairing Existing Lawn 35grams Per Sqm every 6-8weeks.


Eco-Prime Red apply through most modern spreading equipment. However, due to its humus content, it recommends checking calibration. If You in a doubt. it applies through a belt spreader. Special care should take with precision seeding equipment.

It is also using to strengthen the sward and root structure of the existing lawn. The increased phosphorus content will help to strengthen roots. It is not recommended to use this fertiliser as a maintenance fertiliser. Because the phosphorus levels of 8% are too high.

About Eco prime Fertiliser

Eco-Prime Fertiliser is Eco-Growth non-leaching Silicate Mineral Rock Dust-based fertiliser. It combines with volcanic minerals, beneficial biology, and NPK mainly derived from Sulphate.
Eco-Growth is manufacturers of sustainable liquid and granular fertilisers. Just for lawns, fruit trees, vegetables, and gardens.
I believe the secret to strong healthy turf is in a good, viable root structure.
Eco-Growth was established in 1992. As superior fertiliser in QLD as a crushed rock fertiliser produce.

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