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With the approach of winter, you might be thinking your lawn doesn’t require as much care as it does in other seasons which is not true. During winter, your lawn health goes through a number of changes. Therefore, it is very important to prioritise your winter lawn care routine and put it into action.

To help you understand what you should and should not be doing for your winter lawn care, we have come up with a few simple lawn care tips from our professionals.

With the following tips, you can make your lawn healthy and vibrant, all ready for Spring.

Limit Watering

You don’t have to worry much about watering your lawn in winter unless the lawn looks very dry. If you have to water your lawn, water it in the morning so the excess water can evaporate. Only water when needed, you overwater in winter it might leave the lawn vulnerable to fungi.

Leave your Grass Long

Although your lawn grows slower in winter, you still have to occasionally mow it. Mowing in winter is totally different than during summer. While mowing in winter, it is important that you leave your grass slightly longer to allow photosynthesis and food supply for your lawn. Ensure that your mower blades are adjusted and you have selected the proper mowing height before you start mowing.


In winter, the growth of the lawn slows down however, it does need the supply of necessary nutrients. Ascertain what nutrients are lacking from the soil first and then, use fertilisers such as Eco-Prime Emerald NPK Fertiliser and Baileys for green and lush lawn.

Avoid Too Much Lawn Traffic

During winter, the lawns are moist especially if you are having wet weather. Therefore, try to avoid access traffic on your lawn which will allow your lawn to breathe and recover.

Fight Weeds

As your lawn is at its weakest during winter, it gives opportunity to weeds to appear and attack. Not taking any action leads to the growth of the weeds crowding out your lush green lawn. Make sure to spray weed killer that removes the weed without damaging your lawn.


Want some more insider information on winter lawn care from the experts?

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