Installing New Turf in Winter

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There’s a misconception that turf should be installed on the warmer ground to get the best result. Also turf like Sir Walter DNA Certified cannot be laid in cool ground, which isn’t true as turf could be laid throughout the year.

Although the ideal seasons for installing turf might be spring, autumn and summer while the ground is relatively warmer, there’s benefit installing the turf in winter which we can’t ignore. Some of the benefits of installing new turf in winter are below:

Less Irrigation

One of the benefits of installing turf in winter is significantly lower water usage than other times. In winter, as the days are not hot as in summer to dry out your lawn, you won’t have to water your lawn like summer. While the new turf still needs water to establish, you can water your turf halver the amount.

Time Saving

Another benefit of installing turf in winter is it saves your maintenance time. You won’t have to spend time mowing your lawn like other times. When you install new turf in winter, the turf waits for the weather to warm up to establish and grow. Hence, if you notice your lawn not growing don’t worry it’s not dying. Your turf is just waiting for the warmer temperature to fully establish.

Summer Ready

Finally, the last benefit of installing new turf in winter is that you can have a fully established lawn for summer. Therefore, why wait for spring to come and get started today.

Lay your new turf in winter and wait confidently for the fully established lawn in the coming warmer months. Don’t let this golden opportunity go. For more winter lawn care and tips, contact The Turfman today or call us on 0410752082.


Quick Winter Lawn Care Tips

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With the approach of winter, you might be thinking your lawn doesn’t require as much care as it does in other seasons which is not true. During winter, your lawn health goes through a number of changes. Therefore, it is very important to prioritise your winter lawn care routine and put it into action.

To help you understand what you should and should not be doing for your winter lawn care, we have come up with a few simple lawn care tips from our professionals.

With the following tips, you can make your lawn healthy and vibrant, all ready for Spring.

Limit Watering

You don’t have to worry much about watering your lawn in winter unless the lawn looks very dry. If you have to water your lawn, water it in the morning so the excess water can evaporate. Only water when needed, you overwater in winter it might leave the lawn vulnerable to fungi.

Leave your Grass Long

Although your lawn grows slower in winter, you still have to occasionally mow it. Mowing in winter is totally different than during summer. While mowing in winter, it is important that you leave your grass slightly longer to allow photosynthesis and food supply for your lawn. Ensure that your mower blades are adjusted and you have selected the proper mowing height before you start mowing.


In winter, the growth of the lawn slows down however, it does need the supply of necessary nutrients. Ascertain what nutrients are lacking from the soil first and then, use fertilisers such as Eco-Prime Emerald NPK Fertiliser and Baileys for green and lush lawn.

Avoid Too Much Lawn Traffic

During winter, the lawns are moist especially if you are having wet weather. Therefore, try to avoid access traffic on your lawn which will allow your lawn to breathe and recover.

Fight Weeds

As your lawn is at its weakest during winter, it gives opportunity to weeds to appear and attack. Not taking any action leads to the growth of the weeds crowding out your lush green lawn. Make sure to spray weed killer that removes the weed without damaging your lawn.


Want some more insider information on winter lawn care from the experts?

Contact us today and we’ll help you have a healthy lawn all year round. At The Turfman, we are always happy to help you! Call us – 0410752082


Tips to Pet Friendly Lawn

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Lawns are perfect for relaxing and entertaining. Not only you, but your pets are also found appreciating it and spending most of their time there. However, lawns can also be dangerous for your pets because of the fertilisers and lawn care products used. 

Making a lawn pet friendly is not as difficult as you think. All you need is proper planning and effort. Below are top 3 tips for a pet friendly lawn:

Types of Lawn

Lawn and pets usually don’t go well together especially if a pet is a dog. A dog can do much harm to your lawn because of all that playtime it needs. So, it is very important to choose a lawn that can stand all the damages that come with having a dog. Grasses such as Kikuya, Couch and Zoysia are some of the best lawns for dogs.

Choosing Pet Friendly Lawn Care Products 

As a pet owner, all you want is your pet to be happy, healthy and your lawn to be thick and green at the same time. To have a healthy and lush lawn, your lawn needs some care products such as fertilisers from time to time and you can’t avoid it. Hence, it is best you choose the lawn care products which are pet safety or just go for organic products. At The Turfman, we offer products free from heavy metals and other toxic ingredients.

Keeping your Lawn Organised 

An organised lawn will  help to keep your lawn in proper condition. In addition, it will also save your pets from any potential injury. Always put your gardening tools and sharp equipment away to prevent any potential injury.

At The Turfman, we care about you and your lawn. We want you to be able to enjoy your healthy lush lawn along with your pet. Lawn care is not that difficult as thought and also, we have always got your back. For more tips on pet-friendly lawns, contact us on 0410752082 and one of our experts will assist you.


Benefits of Fertilising Your Lawn

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All the lawn owners want their lawn to be beautiful and healthy. A healthy lawn not only makes your home appealing but also adds value to your property. Proper lawn care which includes regular mowing, watering and maintenance does the job, but if you want to keep your lawn greener and attractive for a longer time then, you must feed them.

Feeding your lawn regularly helps them get all the essential nutrients that they need to stay healthy and resilient. No matter which type of lawn you have, it needs to be fertilised at some stage as the soils leach all the nutrients while producing new roots and leaves.

Below are some of the benefits of fertilising you should be aware of:

Weed Free

Weeds are very vigorous, always seeking a chance to grow. If they see a weak and patchy lawn, they take over and they spread. As they spread, they dampen the lawn, resulting in more dead patches. So, enriching your lawn with fertilisers helps in reducing the weeds, ultimately making it weed free. Also, the well fed, regularly maintained lawn is resistant to damage caused by pests.

Protect Soil, Healthier Grass and Stronger Roots

Grasses tend to absorb nutrients from the soil when they grow, also the extreme weather such as heavy rainfall and storms lead to the depletion of the soil. The type of the soil also determines how frequently fertilising needs to be done. For instance, sandy soil drains nutrients faster than the clay and heavy soils. Hence, regular fertilisation helps to prevent soil runoff replenishing nutrients, ensuring healthier grass and stronger roots.

Encouraging Overall Growth

The most frustrating thing a lawn owner can ever experience is having some areas of the lawn lush and healthier whereas the other areas thin and sparse. This often happens due to the lack of nutrients as the soil might not have distributed the nutrients evenly throughout the area. Fertilising using the best lawn fertilisers helps to produce uniform growth ensuring the entire lawn is lush and healthier.

Saves Your Money

Fertilising your lawn is one of the worthwhile investments you will ever make. It will not only ensure the good health and appearance of your lawn, but also help you in saving money. Taking proper care of your lawn and feeding them regularly will prevent any damage or need for restoration in future, which might have cost you bucks.

Add Value to You & Your Property

Imagine enjoying quality time with your family and feeling the rich and thick grass beneath your feet, isn’t it amazing? Proper fertilising provides the nutrients necessary to your lawn to grow greener and healthier. In addition, experts say having a quality lawn can add value to your property by improving the “Kerp Appeal”.

Achieving a healthy lawn is not a complicated affair, all you need to do is choose the right fertiliser and feed your lawn regularly followed with a proper lawn care schedule. Some of the recommended high quality fertilisers are Baileys, Eco-Friend Emerald, Eco-Prime Purple and Eco-Prime Red. These fertilisers ensure that nutrients reach the rootzone of your lawn in uniform distribution allowing them to withstand any stresses caused by external factors.

If you have any queries regarding fertilisers, feel free to contact us.



How to Care Lawn in Hot Weather

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Summer is already here, so is the extreme heat!

We all are taking care of ourselves, finding ways to cool down in this increasing hot weather. We go swimming, and enjoy the outdoors.  Like us, our lawn also needs a summer care as the increased temperature also has an adverse effect on the grass outside. 

Summer lawn care is totally different from the lawn care on cooler days. As the increased temperature makes a huge difference, it is important that you treat the grass more gently than the other days and try avoiding excessive activities.

To help you and your stressed grass, here are some of the best tips to give your lawn during this extreme hot weather. 

Watering your lawn

During the hot summer days, deep watering your lawn in the morning is very effective. It will help the soil and roots to soak up, letting the water reach deep in the soil. Watering the lawn 1-2 times a week is enough, don’t overdo as too much watering grass won’t help. One pro tip, use the wetting agents to achieve the most effective results especially during summer when the heat is too extreme.

Summer Mowing 

Raising the blades of your lawn mower really helps your lawn to stay green during the hot weather. By doing this, it allows the grass to develop strong roots and have a greater tolerance to drought stress and heat.

Right Grass Types

Yes, you heard it right! While choosing the turfs, you have to make sure that you choose the right lawn-type as it determines how your lawn will perform over summer or any extreme season. Lawns such as Sir Walter Buffalo and Villagegreen Kikuyu, are the perfect turfs that will handle the excessive summer heat in Australia.

Summer Damage Treatment

Summer damages to your lawn could be too harsh and too stressful. To help your lawn stay healthy, ensure it is well fed and the condition of the soil is at its best. You can also use lawn treatments to boost its metabolism. 

Taking care of the lawn especially during the extreme heat is very important. Although, it might look easy but could be a daunting task. The above mentioned tips should help to keep your lawn stress free and stay cool during the hot weather. 

If you still have any queries, or want to talk to one of the professionals, contact us or call us at 0410752082

Cheers to the Stress-Free Lawn!!!


Wintergreen Couch Grass

Wintergreen Couch Grass


Wintergreen couch grass is the most popular of the couch varieties. It is a fine, soft-to-touch hybrid couch. Wintergreen Grass is deep to medium green in color. Even in the cooler months of
Winter, Wintergreen Couch Grass retains its green coloring, hence the name “Wintergreen”. It has a deep root system and a hard-wearing surface. Due to its root system, it is good for soil stabilization and urban in full areas.

However, it is also well wearing for children and animals. It has been found to be tolerable to most diseases. Wintergreen grass responds very well to fertilizer and irrigation. Besides, it had a good density as long as it is well maintained. Importantly, this grass loves the sun. It can tolerate full sunshine and required less water and fertilization. It is self-repairing and it recovers rapidly.

Appearance (leaf)

Fine leaf


High mowing frequency


It recover fast


High ware tolorance


Light Green

Drought resistance

Most drought tolorance

Shade tolerance

Full sun


Medium maintenance and 4 times Fertilizer a year

Estimated Rate

$6 / Sq. meter

Characters of Wintergreen Couch Grass 

  • Wintergreen Couch Grass is non-irritating.  
  • It is good pest & disease resistance.  
  • This grass is smooth and carpet-like. 
  • This grass has good salt tolerance. 
  • It has a very fine soft leaf. 
  • It is drought-resistant grass. 
  • Wintergreen couch grass requires minimal water. 
  • It has a rapid & self-repairing system. 
  • Great for slope and retaining walls. 
  • Propagated from stolons.  
  • Low to medium maintenance. 


  • Wintergreen couch grass is suitable for residential and commercial lawns. 
  • This grass is also suitable for high traffic areas, sports grounds (e.g. golf courses, tennis courts, football grounds, bowling greens), parks, gardens, sports ovals, and roadside.
  • Used for domestic, rental properties.


Ideally, Wintergreen Couch Grass should mow every 10-14 days. It will vary according to the
season. In Summer, it will require 7-10 days. But in Autumn and Winter, it will only need to be done
every 2-5 weeks, or as necessary. Approximately, the mowing height raises to 15-20 mm. Mowing height is an important factor in promoting healthy lawn growth. The mower blades should be kept sharp. It is best to avoid cutting the grass when the lawn is wet.

However, it is important that more than 40% of the leaf is removed in a single mow.
Watering helps to maintain the green color. But, the frequency of water depends on the season and the amount of rainfall. During Summer, you should water the grass 2-3 times a week. In Autumn & Spring, the water frequency can reduce to once or twice a week. And in Winter, only need to water once. However, it is best to water early in the morning.

Fertilization of the Wintergreen Couch Grass is very necessary. It keeps the lawn in good health. You should fertilize the lawn six weeks after installation. Then continue to fertilize twice in Summer and once in Spring & Late Autumn. 2-4 kg fertilizer per 100 meters square is sufficient. It makes the lawn looking wonderful.
Weed Control is also very important for maintaining the quality of the lawn. A broadleaf herbicide can apply to control weeds. Such as White clover, Bindii, Capeweed, Oxalis, Plantain, and Onion weed. It is best to spray before weeds flower -between April and August. This will give a healthy lawn in winter.





Do you have the dry and sandy place where you want to see the lush green grass?

If you want to buy this, Contact Us. For more information Connet with our Facebook Page.


Kikuyu Grass

Kikuyu Grass is a medium-sized, bright green, soft-leafed variety. It is a fast-growing and drought-resistant grass renowned for its hardy qualities in Australia. It is strongly desired For a garden with full sun access. In poor soil types, it grows well and minimally fertilizes.

Like couch grass, Kikuyu Grass is popular as a playing surface in parks and backyards and has a pleasant, light green aesthetic. It is a hard-wearing, all-purpose lawn that manages exceptionally well in WA conditions. As it tolerates heavy wear and tear, this makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas and perfect for kids and pets. With slightly better regenerative qualities than Couch. It provides an excellent alternative for playing surfaces and areas that see a great deal of wear.

Kikuyu Grass has an extremely adaptive and regenerating nature with excellent disease and pest resistance. It is budget-friendly and has impressive heat resistance and low annoyance. It has good color retention in winters and prefers regular mowing, although it is very forgiving if neglected, which makes it evergreen just about every three months.


Kikuyu Grass is an aggressive grower and has a soft leaf. It can grow in a wide range of soil types but performs best in fertile soil.

Appreance (Leaf)

Medium leaf


High mowing frequency


Quick recover


High ware tolorance


holds Emerld Green in winter as well

Drought resistance

Average drought tolorance

Shade tolerance

Full sun


Medium maintenance and Fertilizer

Estimated Rate

$7 / Sq. meter


  • Best choice for the household with kids and pets.
  • Poor shade tolerance – 10% shade tolerance
  • Requires minimum 5-6 hours sunlight
  • The strong deep root base
  • Highly invasive and quickly repair
  • Acceptable drought tolerance 
  • Soil PH for Kikuyu – 5.5-7.0 (can tolerate as low as 4.50
  • Pest Resistance 
  • Easy to maintain
  • High level of traffic stress

 If you’re looking for a grass that is an economical all-rounder, then Kikuyu Grass could be an option for you. We are providing the best grass in Perth, Australia. Contact Us to buy Premium Kikuyu Grass at an affordable price. Hurry Up! You can also Join our Facebook page for more information.

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Selection Step

Pick the right turf

Turfgrasses vary significantly in how they respond to varying conditions. They have pros and cons of their own. In all cases, there is no ideal turfgrass and not any single type which is great in all situations. It is a matter of picking and then maintaining the right turfgrass for the situation to achieve a realistic, healthy and attractive turf surface. How to choose turf & maintain it?


Cost would inevitably play a vital role in turf picking, as you have to pay out for the very best. Some great-looking turfs can set you back a pretty penny. You wish to have this kind of lawn on your property. Before you go shopping for the correct turf, make up an estimate.


The look of the turf is also going to be something that you have to consider because after they have taken root, not all turfs offer the same appearance. TheTurfman helps you to make easy free consultations to decide which turf will be best suited for you.


Maintenance of the turf is something else that differs, but you ought, to be frank with yourself of how frequently you think you are going to maintain it effectively. While most turfgrasses grow satisfactorily over a variety of levels of maintenance, there is an ideal degree of management requirements for each grass to sustain good turf quality. Knowing your growing conditions and understanding your needs are essential parts of determining the type of grass that’s most likely to thrive.


A crucial consideration in the decision making is the amount of sunlight the grass will get. Turfgrasses differ considerably in shade resistance. Less shade-tolerant turfgrasses create fewer shoots that give it a more open appearance. Further limiting light interception and turf recovery is approximately within these regions.


Remember the amount and type of use that the grass would get once it is laid down. Some lawn varieties just won’t take the rough and tumble of kids, dogs, and backyard footy. Some grasses like Soft-leaved buffalo or Kikuyu can self-repair. So if the garden area is busy, those should be the sort of turf to look at. The grass is not stepping on too much. You can pick one that is more delicate and gives off more of a showy look.

Knowing your soil conditions is also another key to determine the type of turf. Heavy clays or sandy soils will need amending to grow a quality lawn

How to choose turf & maintain it?

Our Turf List:

Our Turf About:


Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Certified Premium Lawn Turf is a superior quality soft buffalo grass giving unmatched performance for Australian conditions. Sir Walter Buffalo’s grass is smooth, long, and dark green. This is an all-seasons beautiful lawn. This is active in winter and thus retains its fresh green color longer than other types of buffalo. In the winter months, it won’t go purple. it is a slow grower and has great durability. It works well in the sun and partial shade and is perfect to avoid unwanted weeds.

Buffalo is a perfect choice for children and pets and is on the market’s most environment-friendly turfgrass. Sir Walter Buffalo grass requires minimal irrigation and fertilizer to maintain color and can be mown shorter than other Buffalo types. Sir Walter Buffalo Turf provides a good quality lawn in both sun and shaded areas.

Here you can find out all there is to know about this ideal, low maintenance lawn called ‘Sir Walter Buffalo turf.

Sir Walter Buffalo Certified is low maintenance, non-invasive, and of great regenerative efficiency. It will thrive also with minimal water requirements in our harsh, hot climate. The great Aussie backyard grass is Sir Walter DNA Certified, as it adapts remarkably in all conditions

Appreance (Leaf)

Broad leaf


Low to medium mowing frequency


It grows fast


tolerates heavy wear and tear



Drought resistance

Less drought tolorance

Shade tolerance

Shade or full sun


Less Maintenance and Fertilizer

Estimated Rate

$12.5 / Sq. meter

Buffalo deserves a total of four hours of direct daily sunshine. It has phenomenal maintenance of winter shading and great resistance to pests and diseases. Buffalo requires supplements with fertilizer.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass:

  • soft-leaved
  • low-allergenic
  • weed resistant
  • lush and green

It’s the perfect Aussie lawn.

Low maintenance

Sir Walter Buffalo has a tight growth habit that holds out most weeds and the ability to repair itself quickly if damaged lessening the incidence of bare patches.

You’ll also find that mowing now becomes less of a chore, as the finished result will amaze you every time. If you want to collect sir Walter buffalo, Contact Us  For more information follow our Facebook Page.

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Santa Ana Couch Grass

The Santa Ana Couch Grass is an American grass that gives an impressive visual appearance especially when mown short. Santa Ana is a mild seasonal grass with bright green, fine leaves. Despite changes in the weather patterns, this color is kept for a long time. Santa Ana grass is typically rough and so makes it the perfect option as couch grass. Santa Ana Couch grass is a semi-vigorous creeping perennial with runners above ground that can be sustained by bordering into a given area.

Throughout most areas, Santa Ana Couch grass has the potential to grow well and is hence commonly used. Because it has no issues with discoloration, it is the perfect grass for the beauty of homes around the world. Santa Ana has a strong tolerance for damage and an outstanding ability to rapidly recover. This variety has strong color retention which gives it a superior look.

Appreance (leaf)

fine leaf


less mowing


slow in repair


hard wearing and will tolerate considerable traffic


Bright Green

Drought resistance

High drough tolorance

Shade tolerance

full sun


Medium maintenance

Estimated Rate

$11 / Sq. meter

Although other couch types on the market face heat problems, Santa Ana is able to bear the temperatures of the summer. This ensures that even in the heat it will maintain its attractive color. In fact, the couch grass comes out better when grown during a sunny time. Santa Ana is tolerant of snow, as well. This has a short dormancy time during the winter, so the grass won’t lose as much color as the other couches.

Santa Ana Couch Attributes

  • Fine Leaf Warm Season Grass
  • Easy All Round Lawn to Maintain
  • Quick Recovery From Wear and Damage
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Shade Tolerant

Turf Maintenance

These recommendations are for established lawns only, to ensure good health and the best possible color year-round. These recommendations are averages and should be used as a guide. Situations vary according to soil conditions, location, water pressure, etc. The visual appearance of your lawn will become your best guide.


Save time and money on your water bill by installing a controlled sprinkler system.

Santa Ana can tolerate drought conditions once established. Watering to maintain a healthy green appearance:

Summer – over 35 degrees 3 times a fortnight 1hr per shift other times 1 hr per week
Autumn and spring – cut back depending on the weather for more information call The Turf Man And  more information connect with Facebook Page

Winter – only if necessary

3 times per week for 20 minutes 2 times per week for 15 minutes

If you want to order Santa Ana Couch, Click Page  Santa Ana

Do you have the dry and sandy place where you want to see the lush green grass?

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