Sir Walter Buffalo Grass Certified Premium Lawn Turf is a superior quality soft buffalo grass giving unmatched performance for Australian conditions. Sir Walter Buffalo’s grass is smooth, long, and dark green. This is an all-seasons beautiful lawn. This is active in winter and thus retains its fresh green color longer than other types of buffalo. In the winter months, it won’t go purple. it is a slow grower and has great durability. It works well in the sun and partial shade and is perfect to avoid unwanted weeds.

Buffalo is a perfect choice for children and pets and is on the market’s most environment-friendly turfgrass. Sir Walter Buffalo grass requires minimal irrigation and fertilizer to maintain color and can be mown shorter than other Buffalo types. Sir Walter Buffalo Turf provides a good quality lawn in both sun and shaded areas.

Here you can find out all there is to know about this ideal, low maintenance lawn called ‘Sir Walter Buffalo turf.

Sir Walter Buffalo Certified is low maintenance, non-invasive, and of great regenerative efficiency. It will thrive also with minimal water requirements in our harsh, hot climate. The great Aussie backyard grass is Sir Walter DNA Certified, as it adapts remarkably in all conditions

Appreance (Leaf)

Broad leaf


Low to medium mowing frequency


It grows fast


tolerates heavy wear and tear



Drought resistance

Less drought tolorance

Shade tolerance

Shade or full sun


Less Maintenance and Fertilizer

Estimated Rate

$12.5 / Sq. meter

Buffalo deserves a total of four hours of direct daily sunshine. It has phenomenal maintenance of winter shading and great resistance to pests and diseases. Buffalo requires supplements with fertilizer.

Sir Walter Buffalo Grass:

  • soft-leaved
  • low-allergenic
  • weed resistant
  • lush and green

It’s the perfect Aussie lawn.

Low maintenance

Sir Walter Buffalo has a tight growth habit that holds out most weeds and the ability to repair itself quickly if damaged lessening the incidence of bare patches.

You’ll also find that mowing now becomes less of a chore, as the finished result will amaze you every time. If you want to collect sir Walter buffalo, Contact Us  For more information follow our Facebook Page.

Do you have the dry and sandy place where you want to see the lush green grass?