Kikuyu Grass is a medium-sized, bright green, soft-leafed variety. It is a fast-growing and drought-resistant grass renowned for its hardy qualities in Australia. It is strongly desired For a garden with full sun access. In poor soil types, it grows well and minimally fertilizes.

Like couch grass, Kikuyu Grass is popular as a playing surface in parks and backyards and has a pleasant, light green aesthetic. It is a hard-wearing, all-purpose lawn that manages exceptionally well in WA conditions. As it tolerates heavy wear and tear, this makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas and perfect for kids and pets. With slightly better regenerative qualities than Couch. It provides an excellent alternative for playing surfaces and areas that see a great deal of wear.

Kikuyu Grass has an extremely adaptive and regenerating nature with excellent disease and pest resistance. It is budget-friendly and has impressive heat resistance and low annoyance. It has good color retention in winters and prefers regular mowing, although it is very forgiving if neglected, which makes it evergreen just about every three months.


Kikuyu Grass is an aggressive grower and has a soft leaf. It can grow in a wide range of soil types but performs best in fertile soil.

Appreance (Leaf)

Medium leaf


High mowing frequency


Quick recover


High ware tolorance


holds Emerld Green in winter as well

Drought resistance

Average drought tolorance

Shade tolerance

Full sun


Medium maintenance and Fertilizer

Estimated Rate

$7 / Sq. meter


  • Best choice for the household with kids and pets.
  • Poor shade tolerance – 10% shade tolerance
  • Requires minimum 5-6 hours sunlight
  • The strong deep root base
  • Highly invasive and quickly repair
  • Acceptable drought tolerance 
  • Soil PH for Kikuyu – 5.5-7.0 (can tolerate as low as 4.50
  • Pest Resistance 
  • Easy to maintain
  • High level of traffic stress

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