Eco-Prime Purple


All-round fertiliser from fruiting tree to vegetable.
Good for the fruiting tree, Vegetable, and Turfmbining a complex blend of nutrients from Potassium Sulphate through to granulated Soft Rock Phosphate.

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Eco-Prime Purple

Eco-Prime Purple is a strong but gentle NPK fertiliser. It uses for high-yielding and flowering crops. Designed to promote strong root growth and consistent even fruit and flower development. It is a versatile NPK fertiliser. Eco Prime Purple combines with trace elements. It ensures continuous nutrition and growth. It meets the requirements of vegetables, fruits, vines, flowers, turf, and ornamentals. As well as Eco Prime Purple is a sophisticated blend of nutrients. It produces from Potassium through to a granulated silicate mineral complex. Purple is enhanced with our Eco Advance Premium Biology. It includes Mycorrhizal fungi and Nitrogen-fixing bacteria.

Tailored to Australian conditions, Eco-Prime Purple is gentle yet strong. It provides strong consistent nutrition and Growth to sensitive plants. Such as Avocados in high yield and dual fruiting or flowering situations. Eco Prime Purple can utilize to reduce biannual bearing by continued feeding through delicate growth and build stages.  Fruit quality is enhanced through improved Phosphorus availability throughout the growing season. It is coupled with balanced Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Trace nutrient release.

Avocados 20grams Per Sqm every 28days under the shade of the tree.
Vegetable 50-150grams Per Sqm.
Fruit Trees 50grams Per Sqm.
Lawn 35grams per sqm every 6-8weeks Less.

Benefits Eco Prime Purple – all-round fertiliser

For Balanced Growth and Fruiting. Durable under Extreme Conditions. Suited for Light to Heavy Soils and Coastal & Saline Environments. Contains Beneficial Biology. Australian Made.

Application rate

• 5-50 grams per square meter


N% 12.1
P% 2.7
Si% 2.2

About Eco Prime Fertilisers

Eco-Prime fertilisers are Eco-Growths Silicate Mineral Rock Dust-base fertilisers. It combines volcanic minerals and citrate soluble soft-rock phosphate. Beneficial biology and NPK are mainly derived from sulfates (and other non-manure sources). Eco-Growth is manufacturers of sustainable liquid and granular fertilisers for lawns, fruit trees, vegetables, and gardens. This enhances beneficial biology, including Mycorrhizal fungi and phosphorus solubilizers (such as Bacillus megaterium).

As well as Gentle yet Strong, Purple is a versatile fertiliser that ensures continuous nutrition especially for crops that place a high demand on fertiliser availability and Purple are subject to seasonal stress and bi-annual bearing. Eco-Growth was established in 1992 as Superior Fertilisers in QLD as a crushed rock fertiliser producer. Eco-Growth believes the secret to strong healthy turf is in a good, viable root structure.

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