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Do this to the Soil to Grow lavish Turf on it

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Do this to the Soil to Grow lavish Turf on it?

To get you covered with everything about getting the soil ready for the turf installation we are here with this article. When you have finally got finished with the task of choosing turf for your lawn, here comes the time when you will get worried about how to lay turf perfectly. The soil on which you are supposed to install the turf has supreme importance. If the soil is not in the right condition, your turf will not grow well.

To get you covered with everything about getting the soil ready for the turf installation we are here with this article. You must read this article if you want to learn how to aptly lay the turf on the ground. Without proper guidance, a lot of things can go wrong while you are carrying out this feat. Make sure the area on which the turf has to be applied is perfectly ready for it. The soil present in that area must be ready to accept the turf you are looking forward to implant on it.

For a healthy lawn

The turf’s roots need to get fixated in the soil in a way that proper nutrition is enabled to it. If the turf’s roots are deep in the soil, only then you should expect a flawless and luscious lawn. Deeply fixated roots will be able to uptake water and nutrient content from the soil. When the roots succeed in getting their required nutrition, the leaves become healthy and the garden seems eye captivating. If you abruptly install the turf in the ground without preparing the soil for it, the results are not going to be productive.

You might have to face considerable complications if the turf is installed on unprepared ground. Here we mention few important changes that you must make in the soil of your ground before turf installation. This article will help you to be best prepared to install turf on your lawn the next time. Following all the strategies that we pen down is crucial if you want to pay off the turf soil price you have invested.

Be careful with the measurements:

If you really want your land to be covered with luscious and appealing turf, you must carry out the measurement first. You must measure your ground and ensure you have taken the right measurements. For this, you can use a measuring tape that helps you measure all the dimensions of your garden. Careful lawn measurement is the most crucial part of the whole procedure. On it depends on the measurement of your turf. If you fail at getting accurate measurements, the turf won’t fit the ground.

Prepare your soil for the turf:

Make sure that there are no big stones or debris under turf soil. The presence of these commodities under the soil can block the turf from growing green and lavish. You must make sure that your garden is free from anything that can barricade the turf’s growth. Preparation of turf soil is not a troublesome deed. All you have to do is take a garden fork and dig the soil using it. Digging to about 150mm would be just enough. Other than that, if you find rocks or stones present in the soil, do remove them.

Test the soil pH:

The pH level of the soil on which you are planning to grow the turf must be adequate. If your soil’s pH is not in the right balance, you will have to adjust it. To make your soil perfect for turf growth, the addition of organic manure and fertilizer is appreciated. After you have made the soil right, it is time that you move to other important steps.

Application of pre turf before the installation of turf

It is highly crucial to invest in pre turf before you install the turf on your chosen ground. Pre turf will be an amenity for the growth of turf after it is installed on the ground.

Pre turf will be beneficial to the growth of turfgrass in the following ways:

– The turfgrass will grow out firmly and lavishly.

– Their roots will get deeper from where they can uptake the required nutrients

– After pre turfing, make the area damp so that it can get cleansed before the turf is installed on it.

The procedure of installing turf:

Once the turf has got delivered to you, make sure that you install it right away. If you keep it waiting, there are sufficient chances that it will lose its quality. If it is summertime, we suggest you moisten the soil a bit before you start installing the turf on it. And the best way to install the turf is by following a straight line. If you leave gaps or overlap them, it will ruin the presentation badly.

Once the turf is placed on the ground, dab onto the ends of it. Do not stretch the turf come what may. The whole procedure of turf installation must be done with light hands. If you provide force to do this, you may end up destroying the turf. When you do rolling the turf on the ground, it is time to water it. You have to keep an eye on it to avoid the presence of air pockets in the turf. Installation of turf might not be difficult but it can really stress you out physically. If you believe that you can perform it aptly without having to invest in professionals, go ahead.

Wrapping it up!

Turf can be a quick fix while you are on the verge of renovating your lawn, home garden, or park. The process of its installation is incredibly easy. You can get it done in the right manner if you are dedicated to your lawn. This article has entailed how you must pamper your soil and make it free of debris before installing the turf on it. Your turf will grow out in the best state. If the soil foster. If you want to know, how to choose the suitable turf for your lawn.

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All you should know about Kikuyu Turf

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All you should know about Kikuyu Turf

This article is all about Kikuyu turf grass and Kikuyu grass seeds. You must have lost your heart to the velvety green and lavish grass out there on some lawn. You too can make your garden eye captivating with the rich and luscious grass in it. Do you want to know how? Yes! In this article, we are going to unlock the biggest secret behind the green gardens that steal your heart. 

It is Kikuyu Turf that makes gardens appealing with its thick and green grass. Let’s know more about Kikuyu turfgrass in this article.

Kikuyu is a type of turfgrass that grows to about 2 to 4 inches in length. This grass can grow tremendously when its requirement of getting sufficient sunlight is fulfilled. Kikuyu can grow in ordinary soil and no matter what rough changes the climate goes through its foliage doesn’t go down. Kikuyu is flamboyant in all types of weather conditions, either it gets too dry or too humid. 

You can upkeep the Kikuyu turf if you take out time for it. While it gets perfectly caressed, you will notice it growing speedily and soon enough your garden will be full of green grass all over it.

How to install Kikuyu Turf grass on your lawn?

The procedure of installing Kikuyu Turf is pretty much like installing any other turf. Before you lay off the turf on the ground, you need to measure the ground. Get the turf in accordance with the right measurement of the ground. 

If the soil is full of debris and consists of sands and stones, the growth of Kikuyu grass won’t be good. You need to remove any unwanted or toxic commodity from the soil if you are willing to see your garden turning out brilliant and green grass. 

Make sure the grass is damp before you install the turf on it. After making sure that the soil won’t have any bad impact on the growth of Kikuyu grass, start installing the turf. 

All you have to do to install the Kikuyu turf perfectly on the ground is to lay it off on the ground following a straight line. If you leave any gaps while carrying out this procedure or overlap the turf, your lawn will end up looking unappealing. 

It requires considerable focus while laying off the turf. If you are fearful of skipping some land space, you can depend on any professional to get done with this task.

After laying Kikuyu Turf should you mow it?

If you want to mow the grass every now and then, let us intimate you that it won’t be good for Kikuyu Turf. In fact, Kikuyu Turf doesn’t need to get mowed unless there comes a real emergency.

What are the right fertilizers for Kikuyu Turf?

The one great thing about this turf is that it requires no specific soil or fertilizer for its promising growth. However, if you add any fertilizer with nitrogen in the soil, the Kikuyu turf will grow at a fast speed. There is no requirement to fertilize the whole ground when turfgrass is growing at the right speed already. If you see that grass in any patch of ground is not growing fit, feel free to fertilize that spot.

In what ways Kikuyu Grass is advantageous for you?

  • The benefits of Kikuyu turf are uncountable. If you are dealing with the situation of foot traffic, in Kikuyu grass there is just the right solution for you. Kikuyu grass seeds come with too many advantages, hence we claim it to be a good alternative over any other lawn grass.
  • In the Western regions of Australia, the weather gets too hot during summers. Kikuyu is the right turf that can bear such climatic conditions. It can survive in hot weather and grow out rather lavishly no matter how hot the weather becomes.
  • Another great advantage of Kikuyu grass seeds that sets them apart from all the others is that drought conditions cannot barricade their growth. It ribosomes always succeed in getting all the required moisture and nutrient so that the grass doesn’t have to suffer.
  • Often grazing animals churn out all the grass on the land which never grows out again. This is not the case with Kikuyu as it grows back immediately.
  • If you own a farm, the fittest turf for you to install in it would be Kikuyu. Where all the other grasses get plentifully worn out after dealing with animal trodding, this grass withstands it all. 
  • Kikuyu has the ability to not get affected badly even if it is getting treated roughly. No matter if animals trod on it or graze in it, the grass will survive in the best condition.
  • The chief reason that makes Kikuyu the best grass for farmlands is that it is more nutritious. As animals churn on it, they get the required nutrient content in their bodies.

What makes Kikuyu Turf the supremest?

If you want to give your garden the best form, investing in Kikuyu turf is mandatory. It is not just pleasing to the eye. When your garden turns wholesome and green, but it also adds to a lot of health benefits as well.

Kikuyu grass seeds are safe for your garden as you don’t have to add any chemical fertilizer to the ground. It grows well even if no special fertilizer adds to the soil.

Kikuyu turf is purely organic and the list of its advantages is never-ending. Besides its other advantages and capability of being the fittest for West Australian regions, this turf is also cost-effective.

Wrapping it up!

In this article, we covered all the information pertaining to Kikuyu Turf. The advantages of this garden are tremendous. So if you have been looking to renovate your garden this is what you have to choose.

Kikuyu turf is resilient against all sorts of climatic odds. If you live on the Western Coast of Australia, while choosing the suitable Turf you must keep the drought conditions in mind. Kikuyu can grow incredibly even if the low water content enables it.

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Choose the Suitable Turf for your Lawn with us


Choose the Suitable Turf for your Lawn with us

If you are looking forward to getting turf laid in your lawn area, you must carry out research beforehand to choose the suitable turf for your lawn. There is a variety of turf present in stores and online and you can definitely not buy all. It is mandatory that you research for the right turf that will suit your garden area. This article is for the same reason. Through it, we will do our best to help you choose the fittest right turf for your ground from turf in Perth. We will mention all the aspects that you are supposed to check in the lawn before considering it right.


It is a painstaking feat to select the turf that will give an eye captivating look to your lawn. If you prefer turf that has sophisticated quality. Your garden will grow lusciously. The growth of lush green grass on your turf is highly dependent on the quality of the turf that you have bought.

Just turf installation does not demand effort. But the selection of the right turf also requires a lot of mental exercise. You need to examine all the factors associated with the turf before deciding to buy it. So, choose the suitable turf for your lawn with us. You might not have an inkling of the necessary factors that must be given thought. No further worries, as we have covered up all the mandatory factors that need to be there in the turf you choose.

Examine the shade tolerance of the turf

It is important for you to know for how long the sunlight falls on your lawn. Do not proceed with buying the turf before realizing the time period of sunlight on the turf. Each turf has a different time ascertained during which it appreciates sunlight. The right turf for your garden has a huge dependence on the time duration during which sunlight falls on it.

If the time duration of sunlight on your lawn matches how long your chosen turf can tolerate the sunlight, you are good to go.

In case the time period of sunlight on your garden is short, you should go for Buffalo turf. This turf cannot stand strong against scorching sunlight. Even if 70% time of the day sunlight doesn’t fall on your garden, you can expect this turf to grow out lavishly and lusciously. Choose the Suitable Turf for your Lawn with us

On the other hand, if the sunlight that falls on your lawn lasts up to one or two hours, Kikuyu would be the right fit for you. Its tolerance against shade is extravagant and it can survive in only 10% shade each day. Hence, if your lawn is getting enough sunlight you should definitely choose Kikuyu.

Survival in wear and tear conditions

Another important aspect of the Turfgrass that you must ignore at no cost is its survival capability during the hard wear and tear conditions. If the turf can stand against brutal conditions without losing its quality, you must give it a go.

If you have pets or small kids who will play on your lawn, your choice has to be a turf that doesn’t get ruined when having to deal with those conditions. Kikuyu is the turf that is able to survive in hard conditions. If you anticipate a lot of wear and tear on your lawn, you must ultimately select Kikuyu turf. Choose the Suitable Turf for your Lawn from the turf Perth.

There are other turf types as well which you can expect to survive in rough conditions, including Zoysia and The couch.

Check if the turf can survive droughts

To grow in the right condition the turf requires to get taken care of in the right way. It is essential for the turf owner to water it regularly. If you want the turf to be in the luscious green color, make sure that it is getting all the nutrient components.

It is crucial to check if your selected turf can withstand drought conditions. If the water content that your turf receives goes down due to some reason, it will wither off. Hence, we only suggest the turf that easily survives even when less water enables it.

If you fear low irrigation in your land, our foremost recommendation to you is Winter Green Couch. This is the turf that has the supreme survival capability during odd climatic situations including drought. Even when the water content lowers down, Winter Green Couch will continue growing lavishly.

Due to the huge quantity of underground runners that Winter Green Couch has, it can heal tremendously even after going through any adversary.

When it has a sufficient supply of water, this turf grows in the best way possible. However, you can expect its growth to happen even during drought conditions.

Other than Winter Green Couch, Buffalo is another outstanding option for you with which you can quench of thirst for drought-tolerant turf. Choose the suitable turf for your lawn.


Question yourself if you can afford the turf maintenance


Like any other commodity you are taking home, turf also requires significant maintenance. No matter what turf you choose to buy, you must make yourself ready to afford its maintenance cost. Other than only investing money in it, turf also demands you to invest your energy in it.

Among high-maintenance turf, we have Kikuyu and Winter Green Couch. You need to take out time to care for these two. If you have a scarcity of time on your plate, we suggest you go for any other turf and skip buying these two.


Wrapping it up!

This article dedicates to helping you make the right decision of what turf you are ought to buy turf in Perth. There are so many factors that you need to identify prior to purchasing the turf for your garden. You must take into account the climatic condition of the area where you are going to install the turf. Among many factors that you must crucially notice. The survival of turf during drought conditions, maintenance, and survival capability are few to mention. choose the suitable turf in Perth.

We hope that we have successfully instilled all the knowledge that you must have when you are looking forward to buying a turf that really takes your lawn’s aura a notch up. If you want to buy our product, please contact with us. For more information , connect with our Facebook page.



How to prevent diseases on your lawn? 

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How to prevent diseases on your lawn? 


Having a proper maintenance check for your lawn is the key to keep your lawn healthy. So you need to take good care of your lawn to keep it healthy and alive. Your lawn is generally full of fungi and spores, some of which are beneficial and some harmful. Good fungi help to keep all the nutrients in the soil. A proper routine check of your turf will surely promote the function of these beneficial fungi. Also, routine round-ups and properly maintained lawns have fewer chances of having any fungal disease. So you should follow the recommended lawn care to keep your lawn blooming! 


Some common preventive measures for a healthy lawn! 


Here are some commonly practiced and recommended steps that would help you to control the spread of any fungal disease in your lawn :


  • Choosing proper grass and soil type! 

Always choose a grass that is appropriate for your area. As grass that is not suitable for your area tends to dry out sooner and is more prone to catch fungal diseases. When selecting the soil for your lawn, always keep in mind that you buy the soil with the right pH necessary for the lawn to look healthy and prevent the formation of fungal diseases. 

A lawn soil with a pH between 6.0 to 7.0 is preferable for most lawns because it gives all the essential nutrients to your lawn and your beautiful plants. Also, remember to conduct a soil test while selecting the soil, this will not only tell you about any nutritional deficiency but also may be useful to identify the disease as well. 


  • Proper mowing! 

To maintain the good health and aesthetical appearance of your lawn proper mowing is necessary. For correct mowing, remember to always use sharp blades. Meowing at the correct height is important as too short grass is more prone to diseases. Don’t mow more than one-third off the grass at one time. When mowing a diseased turf, make sure to wash and disinfect the underside of the mower to prevent the spread of disease. 

You must be wondering that how often you should mow your turf, I have your answer! The frequency of mowing a lawn depends on the growth rate of the grass, whenever you feel like the grass has enough growth, mow it up. 


  • Watering the lawn! 

To avoid night wetness, be sure to water the grass early morning so it can dry out in the day. Also avoid watering in the evening and late-night, since the grass will remain wet promoting leaf diseases. Make sure to water deeply but not all the time. Give frequent breaks when watering to allow water to absorb properly thus, making the roots more strong. Use a rain gauge to keep track of water and don’t water more than one inch per week for better grass growth. 


  • Choose the best fertilizer! 

The right type and amount are crucial for grass health. Underfertilising the grass leaves the grass with fewer nutrients than it actually needs while overfertilizing the grass makes it weak with rushed growth. So, too much or too little is harmful to plants and can promote fungal growth in the grass. 

Make sure you choose the best fertilizer. Organic, slow-release fertilizers are best for your lawn since they release all the essential nutrients required by the plants at the correct levels. Just use it according to the directions given on the label. Moreover, avoid fertilizer with too much Nitrogen as they create a poor defense in plants. 


  • Remove thatch

The dead layer of roots, leaves is sometimes essential for the soil but when thick buildup starts to grow it can be an obstacle for soil and grass growth. More than necessary thatch restricts the amount of air, sunlight, and water from reaching the grass. This environment is not grass-friendly so you better remove the excess thatch from time to time and let your lawn breathe! 


  • Using proper Chemical treatment! 

Unnecessarily using chemicals such as fungicide, insecticide, or herbicides can kill beneficial fungi, leading to improper grass health. Use fungicides that are made specifically for your lawn disease. Also, a weak baking soda solution can help with small fungal patches, you can also give it a try! 


Some lawn diseases and their prevention 

Here’s a brief list of some lawn diseases and some ways to prevent or control them:


  • Brown patch 

A circular patch of brown grass usually appears in summer. You can prevent this by letting the grass dry after you water them and also try to water early in the morning. 


  • Dollar spot 

Small dead spots appear when nights are cold and dewy. Frequently cut the thatch when you see a dollar spot. You can use fertilizer rich in Nitrogen to overcome this issue. And remember to not overwater! As this will worsen the situation. 


  • Fusarium bright 

Small light reddish brown spots with green grass in the center. Don’t over-fertilize in this condition, water generously, mow at the proper height, and reseed timely. 


  • Snow mold

Dead grass patches in pink or white color appear after the snow is gone in spring. To avoid this mow in autumn until the grass stops growing, also avoid Nitrogen fertilizer.


Importance of preventive measures :

Following the above tips and tricks, you will surely be able to prevent your lawn from diseases. Despite your good efforts at lawn care, some problems may occur. Such as some issues developing because of drought, improper chemical use, etc. So you must first focus on the reasons that cause your lawn to look unhealthy and stressed. The unhealthy lawn is often due to improper water supply, unadjusted height, pesticide/herbicides issues. But not to forget, a dull lawn may look unhealthy because of certain diseases. So to prevent lawn diseases you should really know about the disease and their causes and most importantly their preventive measures. The better you take care of your lawn, the better the grass will be!

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