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Choose the Suitable Turf for your Lawn with us

If you are looking forward to getting turf laid in your lawn area, you must carry out research beforehand to choose the suitable turf for your lawn. There is a variety of turf present in stores and online and you can definitely not buy all. It is mandatory that you research for the right turf that will suit your garden area. This article is for the same reason. Through it, we will do our best to help you choose the fittest right turf for your ground from turf in Perth. We will mention all the aspects that you are supposed to check in the lawn before considering it right.


It is a painstaking feat to select the turf that will give an eye captivating look to your lawn. If you prefer turf that has sophisticated quality. Your garden will grow lusciously. The growth of lush green grass on your turf is highly dependent on the quality of the turf that you have bought.

Just turf installation does not demand effort. But the selection of the right turf also requires a lot of mental exercise. You need to examine all the factors associated with the turf before deciding to buy it. So, choose the suitable turf for your lawn with us. You might not have an inkling of the necessary factors that must be given thought. No further worries, as we have covered up all the mandatory factors that need to be there in the turf you choose.

Examine the shade tolerance of the turf

It is important for you to know for how long the sunlight falls on your lawn. Do not proceed with buying the turf before realizing the time period of sunlight on the turf. Each turf has a different time ascertained during which it appreciates sunlight. The right turf for your garden has a huge dependence on the time duration during which sunlight falls on it.

If the time duration of sunlight on your lawn matches how long your chosen turf can tolerate the sunlight, you are good to go.

In case the time period of sunlight on your garden is short, you should go for Buffalo turf. This turf cannot stand strong against scorching sunlight. Even if 70% time of the day sunlight doesn’t fall on your garden, you can expect this turf to grow out lavishly and lusciously. Choose the Suitable Turf for your Lawn with us

On the other hand, if the sunlight that falls on your lawn lasts up to one or two hours, Kikuyu would be the right fit for you. Its tolerance against shade is extravagant and it can survive in only 10% shade each day. Hence, if your lawn is getting enough sunlight you should definitely choose Kikuyu.

Survival in wear and tear conditions

Another important aspect of the Turfgrass that you must ignore at no cost is its survival capability during the hard wear and tear conditions. If the turf can stand against brutal conditions without losing its quality, you must give it a go.

If you have pets or small kids who will play on your lawn, your choice has to be a turf that doesn’t get ruined when having to deal with those conditions. Kikuyu is the turf that is able to survive in hard conditions. If you anticipate a lot of wear and tear on your lawn, you must ultimately select Kikuyu turf. Choose the Suitable Turf for your Lawn from the turf Perth.

There are other turf types as well which you can expect to survive in rough conditions, including Zoysia and The couch.

Check if the turf can survive droughts

To grow in the right condition the turf requires to get taken care of in the right way. It is essential for the turf owner to water it regularly. If you want the turf to be in the luscious green color, make sure that it is getting all the nutrient components.

It is crucial to check if your selected turf can withstand drought conditions. If the water content that your turf receives goes down due to some reason, it will wither off. Hence, we only suggest the turf that easily survives even when less water enables it.

If you fear low irrigation in your land, our foremost recommendation to you is Winter Green Couch. This is the turf that has the supreme survival capability during odd climatic situations including drought. Even when the water content lowers down, Winter Green Couch will continue growing lavishly.

Due to the huge quantity of underground runners that Winter Green Couch has, it can heal tremendously even after going through any adversary.

When it has a sufficient supply of water, this turf grows in the best way possible. However, you can expect its growth to happen even during drought conditions.

Other than Winter Green Couch, Buffalo is another outstanding option for you with which you can quench of thirst for drought-tolerant turf. Choose the suitable turf for your lawn.


Question yourself if you can afford the turf maintenance


Like any other commodity you are taking home, turf also requires significant maintenance. No matter what turf you choose to buy, you must make yourself ready to afford its maintenance cost. Other than only investing money in it, turf also demands you to invest your energy in it.

Among high-maintenance turf, we have Kikuyu and Winter Green Couch. You need to take out time to care for these two. If you have a scarcity of time on your plate, we suggest you go for any other turf and skip buying these two.


Wrapping it up!

This article dedicates to helping you make the right decision of what turf you are ought to buy turf in Perth. There are so many factors that you need to identify prior to purchasing the turf for your garden. You must take into account the climatic condition of the area where you are going to install the turf. Among many factors that you must crucially notice. The survival of turf during drought conditions, maintenance, and survival capability are few to mention. choose the suitable turf in Perth.

We hope that we have successfully instilled all the knowledge that you must have when you are looking forward to buying a turf that really takes your lawn’s aura a notch up. If you want to buy our product, please contact with us. For more information , connect with our Facebook page.


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  1. dennis dewson 3 years ago

    Hi what types of turf do you sell

    1. We sell Cape soft Buffalo, Sir walter Buffalo, Wintergreen Couch, Premium Kikuyu, Villagegreen Kikuyu, Santa anna, Zoysia and many more.

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